It's 2018. We all know everything going wrong. We all hear the negative everywhere. But, what if it's better? What if it's that good? Yeah, that good, the kind of good that we don't even dare to think about anymore? Not because we're all going to meditate on rainbows and puppies but because it just is already that good? What if?

It's kinda like a TED talk, but a little longer. There will be beer and wine. There will be a really cool, fun energy. If you come. 

Finally, there's this: I've never done this before but, sometimes you just need to do things in life. So, I booked The Bing and hope that lots of my friends (and some people I've never met who trust my friends' invites) will come out to support me and each other for a night and, I mean... what if it is that good? If it is, you'll be really sad you missed it. 

Much love,