Ah! I am glad that open pages are left open on internet browsers through cell phones - because mine was left open on the Lights Like Us website, or maybe it was the youtube ? Can’t remember, but I had attended the event last May, of course loved, and wanted to listen to it again. And thru the rabbit trail discovered that you guys have a podcast!

My Evangelical conservative background was craving change and needing to breathe. I can’t imagine the criticism and bullshit you both experienced- your strength, creativity and tenacity through it all is incredible.
I love to hear Heidi’s voice now too! I am currently binge-listening to the episodes while driving. Yay for 4.5 hour round trip to Lewiston!
Thank you for continuing to do what you both do - spreading the love, curiosity and intention in the world. You are creating positive change and challenging the system - inspiring me to also use my voice (so hard).

Alot of love sent to you

I’ve finally been able to listen to your podcast. Love it! Love the honesty, the exploration of the journey, the not-arrived-yet-ness of your process, the wisdom, did I mention honesty? And wisdom??

Hey, you’ve been through so much. My gosh. The questions about the Easter sermon ... I wish I was surprised but just sad and then the anger and disbelief and the feelings of wondering if I’m the only one who knows how crazy this is. Like, holding at my iPhone w/ your podcast playing, shouting, “This is insane!!”

So I just wanted to say that. I’m assuming you have solid people around you that know how crazy this all is, but it doesn’t hurt to add more. I believe the evangelical church/system is producing mentally ill people, people who have not developed normal beliefs about themselves, others, community and society. You were trying to do something good and couldn’t control how many of those folks were around you. That is crazy-making.

I know you’re walking a line w/ trying to express the insanity without the rage, maintaining relationship w/o compromising the shock you feel at what is out there. And obviously, in your podcast and personal life, you’re moving on which is wonderful. I just want to affirm the systemic trauma (really) you went through and are probably still recovering from. It’s real.

Hang in there and on to more beautiful adventures and relationships in your many years ahead!

Oh, forgot this story. It pretty much is my go-to story when I feel like I’m overreacting to my feelings of shock and disgust about the church.

It was a CNN story a few years ago about people queueing up for a Rob Bell show in Georgia. The journalist interviewed a couple in line and they had both endured a classic conservative Christian upbringing. Alot of their former friends and family were worried about them as they had both shifted theologically in a dramatic way. When the gal of the couple was asked what would have happened if she hadn’t changed her theology, she replied, “I think I would have probably ended up in a mental hospital or committed suicide.”

So there’s someone else being truly honest. We’re in good company :)

Finally getting to your podcast, and I’m listening about how you guys were done with church… Can’t tell you how much it resonates, and how much I appreciate both of your perspectives on the whole thing. You guys were such instrumental part of our spiritual journey, and you continue to be - even a distance! Such love and gratitude for you both!

Hi Heidi and Ryan! My good friend introduced me to your podcast - mind blown!

LOVE the light you are sharing and so grateful for your honesty and bravery to speak your truth. Such a breath of fresh air! My husband and I share your views on church, organized religion, God etc.
Want to say THANK YOU! For sharing your message and inspiring me to speak truthfully (which I’m proud to say I’ve done twice in the past week since starting to listen!).

I recently listened to your podcast, The Other Side! Thank you for your transparency, honesty, rawness and vulnerability! We have had a 10+ year wrestling match with church. I was raised in the church with all its shoulds and should nots, shame, black and white, sin nature, not doing enough praying, giving…, hypocrisy, political agendas - I could go on and on! I allowed the voices of shame and fear to devour me for my irregular, uncommitted and eventually nonexistent attendance. Listening to your podcast helped confirm where I am at and where I am going and that it is OK! I am on the “Other Side.” Although my side may have a different view because we are all unique as are our experiences, I thank you for helping me embrace it and take another thick layer of uncertainty, fear and shame off! Thank you again for sharing!
Blessings to you and your journey!

I’m just listening to the lights like us podcast and just wanted to say thank you for choosing love and risk over fear. 💕

“You don’t have hope in hell, as if anyone should... yeah I don’t have enough faith to believe in Hell, but the bigger question why do you want anyone to be tortured forever,?!?” 🙌🏽🙌🏽

So many moments when I doubt myself and hear the fucking voice in my head telling me I’m crazy!! You have no idea how much I appreciate you guys and the honesty you bring to the mics. Listened to the one with the kids and I hope your heart is bursting with pride...such an inspiring and incredible family.

Listening to lights like us and laughing! Pre marital sex youth pastor joke but truth haha. Keep it up! “hell makes no sense to anyone!” Haha so good!!!!!!!!!!!

Faking inspiration because they are stuck. No more for me! I’m not scared to move on ... Such an important podcast. Can’t thank you enough. Shouted it out on social :)

Love the podcast! I thought I was the only person who left the “Church” because of guilt and anxiety because of things I didn’t actually believe in. I’ve been living with it in my mind for about four years since I left. The Other Side is so relatable. Thank you guys for sharing!

Just listened to the Jump Zone, I think you guys came into my life at just the right moment!!

Ok, can I just say that I’m loving your new podcast? I’m late to the game and just started listening, but the second episode “the other side” seriously puts words to my entire life!!☺️ so, thanks to you both for being so open, vulnerable, and honest about your journey and where you are at. Love you guys!❤️

Good morning Ryan and Heidi! I’ve been really enjoying your podcasts 😊 Love you guys and your intentions and everything. You are so brave to be putting yourselves out there like you are.

Omg listening to the intro of your podcast and already love it. I can’t wait for every episode. seriously so glad you guys are doing this. You both are amazing!

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for the other side podcast!!!! It put words to what has been happening with us and church this past 9 months. my husband said he was done and for me there was a guilt/struggle piece and then when I ran out of the cage this freedom/lightness new Awareness, conversation, love and joy as well as fresh eyes for what the church has perpetuated like We’ve never experienced, but then this nagging of maybe I’m selfish and wrong from the years of conditioning- and being so annoyed at that. You just gave words and validation to all of that and my heart feels so affirmed thank you for being vulnerable! Love you!

I love this. 😉 (but I really do!!) Your conversations are creating more conversations. Thanks for making us think and discuss and ask questions.

This podcast illuminates Heidi’s massively bright light! She had me at “fuck”...

Really good stuff in this, Heidi! Refreshing as hell. Sure I love Ryan, yeah yeah, but honestly so stoked to hear your thoughts and feelings. Your perspective is golden, and fascinating!

Just listened to this. Super good, I’m excited to see where y’all take this thing!!

Your bravery is so good for my soul!

OH MY GOSH, your podcast!!! It’s so good. I have so much to say and so many questions and emotions, but I will keep listening and enjoying it. I’m so happy that y’all have found your rhythm and freedom on the other side 💗

OK… I’ve officially listened to the entire thing. I’m in awe and I’m super excited! And your voices are perfect for this. There was nothing annoying. Promise. 😂😘

Ok just listening to first few minutes of the first one and OMG! You guys are really great and it sounds sooo LEGIT! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

I don’t know that I’m able to fully articulate the “YES! **THIS**!!!” feelings I experienced listening to the first 3 episodes of your podcast today... In the same way I was grateful for a community i came from to help me navigate out of my fundamentalist experiences 5 years ago, I appreciate so much both of your insights from a year of “post-church”... It mirrors many of the observations and conversations I’ve been having in talks with friends when we meet up for coffee. Nice to know I’m not alone... Actually that’s not quite right... It’s nice to know that the grass is just as green “over there.” Which of course I know in my gut already, but sometimes you still need to hear it anyway. You know? As an aside... Oof... I’m sorry you caught backlash on your blog post last year. When “a tribe” tries to defend its status quo it can be harsh. Anyway... Just wanted you to know that I’m a listener... And am looking forward to an IRL meetup of some kind. Whatever that looks like. Whenever it happens. Much Love!

Hi! I just listened to the lightslikeus podcast! I’m so excited for you guys, I’m subscribed and ready to hear more.
I loved when you said that you wanted it be helpful and joyful. That is so refreshing. I love podcasts too, we listen to them all of the time, but most of the ones I listen to are current event/political/documentary ones. So knowing I’ll have yours to help feed my heart/soul is exciting.

I just wanted to let you know I am really enjoying yours and Heidi’s podcast. I’ve never listened to a podcast that has given so much anxiety/hope at the same time. You guys are very unapologetically real and open. Anyways, I appreciate you guys.

I promise I will not text you guys after every episode but I just listened to the first official episode and had to reach out... YES, YES, YES! We have not been back to church for so long and kinda felt guilty at first but now feel totally at peace with being done and enjoying time as a family rather than hustling all weekend. And just feeling “over it” with organized religion that doesn’t really align with who we are and who we want our kid to be.

I listened to lights like us and it made me happy

RYAN. I love you and Heidi so much holy smokes. So glad you’re starting this podcast. Sending love from Seattle

I don’t want to bug you like every week but, I am listening to your first podcast and I have cried, laughed, and desperately want to hug you both. Thank you both for being vulnerable and sharing. I was so blindsided in a way by you leaving but I hope you know I was never angry or upset at you guys for leaving, in fact we admired it and left too. We’ve wrestled with so many things, being accused of neglecting our marriage because we aren’t in church and our future kids. We’ve been a little tiny bit in your shoes and man.

I just finished listening to the podcast... and let me tell you we ADORE you guys! I feel like I was eavesdropping (in the best way) it was super honest and true to who you two are and like always inspiring. I’m excited for this next chapter for you guys

i am listening to “the other side” and i am legit so excited. i just can’t even handle this whole thing you are doing!

“When you jump you can get to somewhere you can’t get otherwise.” #LightsLikeUs

I’m 2/3 through the podcast and wanted to say thank you. It’s really good and healing for me to hear more about your thoughts. I still have trouble putting words to all my thoughts over this last year and hearing your words have helped me. I appreciate you both so much and greatly appreciate everything you do.

I listened to the first two podcasts today! I cried, i laughed, i felt like i was right there with you guys!! It gave me a lot of perspective. And it made me question my self and also really made me think where am i putting my energy? I want to not feel tired like you said, i want to be present in every situation (i want to be at 😉) and i want to find that cold drink of water from something.

I’m excited to see where you guys take this podcast and excited to listen each week!

Just listened to the first podcast. I am really excited!! Good job for jumping in!!!

Two things:
(1) Lights Like Us podcast...💯
We felt like we were hanging with you two. I can’t wait for more.

couldn’t think of a better duo to do a podcast! more than anything I admire that you guys have put yourself out there and applaud you guys for allowing yourself to be so vulnerable! i love love love getting to hear your stories and always appreciate hearing different perspectives. can’t wait for more!!

It took me 55 yrs to figure out what Ryan and Heidi have come to at a much earlier age. Good for you two!
I’m 61 now and have never felt closer to God and don’t need to step into a building to feel fulfilled spiritually. I believe I’m living my best life and am my best self for those around me.
Thanks you for your meaningful message. You have the courage to speak your truth

The whole idea of nuance - it’s the kind of podcast I’m really glad you are finally making.

Oh boy! First I have to say I wasn’t sure that I was going to like your podcast because I didn’t know how religious it would be (I’m definitely on the other side), but I have to say I absolutely love listening to you guys!! I feel like I’m just sitting and having a conversation with some really good, really smart friends who have life pretty much figured out! I have a burning question for you...how did your friends and family treat you after you decided to leave the church? Keep up the great work and I love listening to your little nuggets of wisdom!

Hi! Just listened to your podcast and I must say that I wasn’t surprised. An airplane analogy came to mind ....
If your faith/belief system/religion or whatever is not encouraging you to put your oxygen mask on first, you just might want to question it. How can a dead passenger provide air to the struggling?
Love you guys. Keep evolving and sharing.